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Success Case History

A Case of Diabetes & Hypertension

Mr. Rajendra Kumar (name changed), aged 65 years, came to our clinic on 26.05.2003. He was suffering from diabetes for the past 16 years. His blood sugar level was 191 mg/dl in the fasting state if he would keep away from medications. Further, he was also having hypertension, with his blood pressure being 140/90 mm of Hg. He was also having problems in moving about and he had to take support of stick while walking. There was a sensation of congestion in all the bones of the body. In the past history, he had bypass surgery of heart and had IHD 6 years back. Another operation for cataract was also done 3 years back. Family history of the patient showed that there was a history of diabetes, with his mother and two of his brother suffering from the same. Enquiry into his mental aspect revealed the desire for death. He used to weep when alone and had a high degree of self esteem. However he was sympathetic and used to speak very slowly. The other general symptoms were that he had extreme desire for fruits. He had sudden urging to urinate and had to hasten to urinate. The rubrics were selected and repertorisation was done using the RADAR software and the following result was obtained :


A case of renal failure

One boy Manoj Kumar (name changed), aged 14 years was reffered to our clinic on 14.05.2003. He was suffering from renal pathology and was having Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). On the physical plane the symptoms of his disease were : Swelling of whole body He was anaemic and having low level of Haemoglobin (28%) He used to faint and was having excessive weakness. The kidneys were small and there was mild pericardial effusion. His other complain was, he was hard of hearing. At the time of visit, his blood urea level 235 mg/100ml and serum creatinine was 7.2mg/100ml, the report of the test being dated 24.04.2003 He had suffered from pneumonia a few months back and had nightblindness. In his family, two of his brother were having hearing problem. His maternal grandfather had died of meningitis and his grandfather had died of tetanus. Investigation of the mental aspect showed that the boy was very mild and quiet. He had desires to hide away from strangers and was quiet shy. His other physical symptoms were that his mouth were open during sleep and there was salivation during sleep. He had great desire for salt, fried egg and meat. He had an aversion for milk and milk products. He used to sleep on the sides, crossing legs and used to take high pillow. On the basis of the above symptoms, rubrics were selected and reportorial analysis was done as follows :