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    9am to 1pm & 5pm to 8pm
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For online consultation 1st fill up case taking form after that you will get call from DBSC for appoitment

About your Family & Hereditary

3.Gender Male
5.Mobile phones
6.Choose your username
8.Present complains(in your words)
9.Past History (in sequential order, with treatment taken, any injury, accident)
10.History of vaccination
11.Father & Mother (Their occupation & diseases)
12.Brother & Sister (No. of Brother & Sister/Their diseases)
13.Major diseases on maternal and paternal side
14.Marital Status : single/married/divorced/widow/widower
15.About your spouse (occupation & disease)
16.Sons & Daughter (No. of sons & daughters/ Their diseases)

Your mind, intellect, will, emotion & consciousness

17.Your own observation about your mind
18.History of any grief in the past
19.Memory (if forgetfulness, about what)
20.Anger (how is your anger/ what makes you angry/
your reaction in anger like grinding your teeth, trembling, throwing things, abusing etc)
21.Fear (of what like ghost, animals, high places etc)
22.Anxiety (of what)
24.Weeping (easily or cannot weep/ what makes you weep)
25.Religious : Normal/Too occupied/ Does not believe in God
26.Spending of money : extravagant/miser/normal expenses
27.Your Likings (Like music, nature or any art works etc)
28.Any Habits (eg. Biting nails, tearing paper etc.)
29.Any addiction
30.Colors (Specify the color you like and dislike)
31.Social liking (likes to be in company or alone or if others then specify)
32.Consolation : likes/feels better/ does not like/ feels worse
33.Delusion (like somebody is following him or someone is trying to harm etc)
34.Liking for cleanliness – normal/very particular/does not care/untidy
35.Any other observation about yourself –


37.Head (Any complains in head like pain, dandruff, lice etc)
38.Eyes (any complains in eye like watering, redness etc/ eyes are open during sleep or not)
43.Salivation (whether there is salivation during sleep or while talking any other time)
44.Teeth (pain, caries etc)
48.Liking for which food
49.Aversion to which food
50.Stool (color, odor, mucus present of not, hardness etc)
51.Flatulence (whether flatus passes freely or is it obstructed or any other complains)
52.Urine (color, any complains like burning or any discharge etc)
53.Sleep (Position, likes covering oneself during sleep or not)
54.Dreams (if any)
55.Perspiration (which part, odor, any staining on clothes when it dries up)
56.Bathing – desire/aversion
57.Season (which season you like most and which season causes problem)
58.Sexual Complains of male (if any)
59.Sexual complain of female (please explain the periodicity of menses,
any complains accompanying it like pain, any discharge etc)
60.Any other discharges (like leucorrhoea)
61.Medical treatment taken
62.Medical reports