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Dr B Sahni Clinic

Dr.B.Sahni Clinic is the clinical unit of Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy, where all types of patients are treated by drugless method discovered by Dr.B.Sahni.. Right from its inception under the able guidance of our founder Director, Dr. Bandhu Sahni, the clinic has been a centre for providing a gentle way of healing to all types of acute and chronic ailments. The stories of cures and miracles that have unfolded in these forty years of service to the suffering mankind have been the pillar of strength and encouragement in the journey. The saga of healing continues and in the dimensions of time, we have expanded our services and earned the repute of a multi specialty homoeopathic clinic, retaining the principles and virtues of ‘good old homoeopathy’, in relation to its harmless and speedy cure. At Dr.B.Sahni Clinic physicians trained directly under the Institute work directly under the supervision of Dr.M.K.Sahani. Services offered are the clinical consultation and treatment to all types of chronic and acute illness. Experts in the clinic are providing consultation through the following mode:

1. Personal consultation in the clinic on appointment. Patients may visit clinic for their illness at the clinic on an appointed time and continue their treatment.

2. Correspondence Consultation: we are offering consultation by sending advices to the patients through the correspondence basis.

3. On line consultation on Telephone. Distant patient may get appointment for conversation and consultation on telephone.

4. On line consultation on the e-mail. We have opened a online consultation programme on website, which may be consulted.

We are extending clinic services of Dr. B. Sahni Clinic to the different cities both in urban and rural area on national & international basis through the franchises offered to the trained and certified physician from our Institute.